• The hydraulic scraper cleans Marine life from the hull

    Hulls of Marine organisms can be cleaned in water with hydraulic scraper, equipped with nylon brush disc, steel wire brush disc, blade brush disc and polisher.Qingdao Jurong Engineering Technology Co.

    2021/01/21 高压清洗机

  • Aquaculture cage can be cleaned by cavitation jet technology

    Oceanic ranch Aquaculture cage can be cleaned by cavitation jet technology。Comparison of cleaning effect

    2021/01/21 高压清洗机

  • ​Water Cavitation Peening

    Water Cavitation Peening is use of a large number of cavitation bubbles in the high-speed high-pressure water jet creates a strong impact on the surface of the material during the bursting and collapse.

    2020/01/09 高压清洗机

  • Qingdao jurong was invited to attend 2019 (4th) QINGDAO INTERNATIONAL OCEAN SCIENCE & TECHONLOGY EXHIBITION

    2019 (4th) QINGDAO INTERNATIONAL OCEAN SCIENCE & TECHONLOGY EXHIBITIONQingdao jurong engineering technology co., LTD was invited to attend the exhibition!Organizational Units Sponsor:The peop

    2019/08/02 高压清洗机


    Human had encountered the underwater fouling phenomenon since the times when the first ships and the first primitive waterworks had been built. At first this phenomenon appeared not to have any seriou

    2019/06/26 高压清洗机

  • Warm congratulations on the full success of the "2018 first Qingdao civil-military integration technology innovation exhibition"

    10,10, 2018With the theme of "integration · innovation"The first Qingdao civil-military integration technology innovation exhibitionIt's opening in the west coast new area of Qingdao.As

    2018/10/13 刘宁宁

  • Troubleshooting and maintenance of high pressure cleaning machine

    It is inevitable that some working faults will occur during the long-term operation of the high-pressure cleaning machine. When the high-pressure cleaning machine fails, the operator should carefully look for the reasons according to different fault phenomena and solve the problems in time. Below we mainly introduce some common faults and troubleshooting of high pressure cleaning machine. 1. If there is abnormal screams during operation of the high-pressure cleaning machine, most of the reasons are caused by the lack of oil in the motor bearing. In this case, we only need to inject ordinary butter into the filling hole of the motor to solve the problem. We are in

    2018/08/14 qxp

  • Measures to deal with the premature failure of anti-corrosion layer of offshore wind power steel structure foundation

    In recent years, many countries have shifted the focus of wind power development to the sea. The basic form used in offshore wind power in China is divided into two forms from the perspective of materials: steel structure foundation and reinforced concrete foundation, among which steel structure foundation is widely used. Because the working conditions of the steel structure foundation are relatively harsh and the field maintenance is relatively difficult, the corrosion protection life is generally not less than 15 years

    2018/08/14 qxp

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