​Water Cavitation Peening

2020-01-09 06:52:22 高压清洗机

Water Cavitation Peening is use of a large number of cavitation bubbles in the high-speed high-pressure water jet creates a strong impact on the surface of the material during the bursting and collapse. The cavitation bubble burst time is very short, and its impact force can reach 150-300 MPa. Such high impact pressure causes plastic deformation and residual pressure stress on the premise that the surface layer of the material is not damaged, which significantly improves the resistance of the material.

The key component of the nuclear power system is the reactor vessel in a high temperature and high pressure environment for a long time, especially the welding area, which is susceptible to corrosion, and the maintenance and replacement costs are extremely high. Water Cavitation Peening can enhance the internal stress and corrosion resistance of metal, delay the service life of the workpiec and minimize the risk of power plant shutdown and additional expenditure.


·Prevents primary water stress corrosion cracking( PWSCC) 

·Compressive stress depths exceed MRP requirements ·No harm to component surfaces 

·Reduces the risk of emergent repairs 

·Process uses only water; no FME concerns 

·Low surface roughness 

·Does not leave abrupt edges between peened and non-peened regions