Explosion-proof Rust Removal And Cleaning Machine

22KW explosion-proof motor + explosion-proof control box, special cleaning machine for petrochemical tank paint and rust removal.


Cavitation Underwater Cleaning|Hull cleaning
Product name:

Explosion-proof Rust

 Removal And Cleaning Machine

Product modelJR-5022

Rated power22KW

Rated pressure50MPa/500bar

Rated flow22L/Min

Standard configuration
Italian import cleaning gun*1 

High pressure dredge hose *30 m

Rust removal water sandblasting set *1

Spray nozzle*2

Product features: High-pressure rust removal and cleaning machine, rated pressure of 500bar, flow rate of 22L/Min, motor power of 22KW, with remote start and stop function,

Can be equipped with water spray gun head, paint, rust efficient cleaning, after treatment can bare metal sheen; 

The main Used in steel structure corrosion, equipment renovation and other places; It can also be equipped with a rotating nozzle, which is resistant to concrete, stubborn oil,

Casting sand cleaning, mainly used in electric basket cleaning, engine cleaning, hull sea biological cleaning, casting Sand cleaning and other places.

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